Testimonials About the Rockland Community Foundation

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“The Rockland Community Foundation is one of the county’s most important philanthropic institutions.  Supporting RCF through planned giving is critical to building the Foundation and improving the lives of our community at large.”

Simona Chazen
Founding Member
Chazen Spirit of Rockland Scholarship

“At the end of the day, it’s neighbors helping neighbors – that’s what People to People is all about – and we can’t do what we do to assist struggling Rocklanders without the support of the Rockland Community Foundation.”

Diane Serratore
Executive Director
People to People

“With a long term and deep interest in the creation of a better life for all children, we wanted to do something concrete on behalf of their welfare. Not having a large amount of money to donate to organizations devoted to young people’s needs, starting a fund with that goal within the Rockland Community Foundation was an ideal solution for us. We now have our own dedicated Fund under the tax-exempt status of the Foundation, from which we can direct our donations and increase its worth as the Foundation’s investments grow. We plan to continue build this Fund. It’s a perfect partnership.”

Dennis Fleming
Fleming Fleur Children’s Fund

“Transferring my brother’s scholarship to the Rockland Community Foundation was the right decision for our family, especially as part of our estate planning.  Our lawyer suggested we reach out to RCF and in doing so allowed us peace of mind that this annual student award will live on in perpetuity.  They have been helpful in all aspects of managing this scholarship and we know working wit them was absolutely the right thing to do.”

 Joan & Stuart Bornstein
James Vernard Leenhouts Scholarship

“The scholarship was created to offer continued motivation for the students who utilize the resources of the Achievement Center at Clarkstown South High School. It is recognition for a student‘s effort to strive to achieve his/her capability. Utilizing the Rockland Community Foundation to administer the process and funds assures its continuation well into the future.”

William Trust
Judith H. Trust Memorial Scholarship

“With the help of the Rockland Community Foundation, I will earn a Bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from Boston University, an expensive private school I would have had significant difficulty affording otherwise…Hopefully, when I settle into my own career, I will be able to help the Rockland Community Foundation continue advancing the educational goals of other students.”

Margaret McGuinness
Scholarship Recipient
Chazen Spirit of Rockland Scholarship

“Thank you Rockland Community Foundation. From the moment my mother decided to create a scholarship, all our advisers insisted that the Rockland Community Foundation was our only real choice. They were so right. My mother Sara, a Concentration Camp Survivor herself, focused on giving resources and ideas. The Rockland Community Foundation did all the rest. Now, our patriarch, Holocaust Survivor and Israeli Pioneer Baruch Auerbach and our beloved sister Elana Goldberg live on.”

David Auerbach
Auerbach/Goldberg Memorial Scholarship Fund

“By awarding me this scholarship, you have lightened my financial burden, which allows me to focus on the most important aspect of school, learning. Your generosity has inspired me to continue to help others, as Welles Remy Crowther did, and give back to the community. I hope one day I will be able to do so as a medical professional.”

Emile Boyd
Scholarship Recipient
Welles Remy Crowther Red Bandana Memorial Scholarship

“The Clarkstown Family Resource Center thanks the Rockland Community Foundation for its generous grant. These funds will enable us to sustain our after school Special Education Homework Club which provides much needed homework assistance in a small group setting with special education teachers.These teachers use their specially trained skills to help the students understand what they need to do and redirect them when necessary. The students become confident in their abilities, develop higher self esteem, and have more quality time at home after school.”

Lisa Cohen
Executive Director
Clarkstown Family Resource Center

“The generous contribution by the Rockland Community Foundation to the Clarkstown Central High School North Instrumental Music Department will be used to present a concert tour. Band and Orchestra students will prepare and perform an interactive music assembly to be presented at five district elementary schools and the district middle school. The assembly will provide an enhancement to the music education for not only the high school students who will present the concerts but also to all those who attend. Student musicians will gain important rehearsal and performance experience while giving them a glimpse inside the world of professional musicians who must always work hard and present their best, learning to adjust and be flexible in new performance spaces, as well as how to professionally interact with an audience. 

While the opportunities for the high school students to learn and grow musically are evident what is even more important is how this concert tour can enhance the music education of the elementary and middle school audiences. The program will be interactive with the elementary and middle school students through basic question and answer related to the pieces performed as well as at least one well-known piece for the students to sing along with the group. Also, instrumental music students at the elementary and middle schools will have a chance to join the high school students to perform a song. All in all making this concert tour a wonderful educational experience for all involved thanks to the Rockland Community Foundation.”

Jason Andert
Clarkstown HS North
Innovative Teaching Grant Award Winner 2013