In our everyday lives, we often hear about people who need vital organ or tissue transplants.  But like most critical challenges in life, until it affects us or a loved one,we can’t appreciate the day to day struggles that individuals face.

Rockland Organ Donation Alliance(RODA) began its work about 8 years ago as a tight-knit group of volunteers who felt the need to create an organization that supported individuals who had received or were awaiting organ transplants. Their outreach and community engagement was impressive, but it soon became clear that growing the organization and achieving their charitable objectives was contingent on becoming a 501(c)(3).  However, that process required a great deal of time, resources and general administrative commitments.  That’s why they turned to the Rockland Community Foundation, to create a charitable fund that would enable them to pursue charitable donations without the burden of establishing and maintaining not for profit status.

“Rockland Organ Donation Alliance has three goals: educate the greater Rockland County community on our critical donor shortage, increase enrollment in donor registries and support recipients and those waiting for transplants,” stated Michael Prendergast, one of the fund’s founders.  “We recognized that one way to effectively grow was the creation of a charitable dedicated fund through the RCF,” he continued.

Through the fund, Rockland Organ Donation Allianceplans to continue educational talks, community outreach and other events that will help bring awareness and support to the people and families it serves.

The process of starting their fund in October 2018 was turnkey and allowed Rockland Organ Donation Allianceto focus on what matters the most.  RCF is proud to be their partner. Please consider supporting Rockland Organ Donation Alliance with a charitable donation. For information on giving to this or to any of our other funds, visit