Congratulations to our 2022 Philanthropy Day Award Recipients!

Ray Wright
Outstanding Philanthropist
Maddy Schiering
Outstanding Nonprofit or Fundraising Professional
Kevin Francis
Outstanding Volunteer
Richard Windram, Verizon
Outstanding Corporate Leadership
Benjamin Schneck
Outstanding Youth in Philantropy

Philanthropy Day Award Past Recipients

Outstanding Corporate Leadership Past Recipients

Larry Weiss, Atlantic Tomorrows Office
Jonathan Kupperman, Nice-Pak/PDI
Courtney E. Boniface, Cane & Boniface PC
Rich Hess, Mercedes-Benz
Orange & Rockland Utilities
Provident Bank
Union State Bank
Active International
Wyeth Pharmaceuticals
Abbey Ice & Spring Water
Larry Inserra, Inserra ShopRite Supermarkets
Better Homes & Gardens, The Rand Family

Outstanding Volunteer Past Recipients

Richard Fernandez
Barry Dorfman
Dennis Fleming
James F. Murphy
Marc Silverstein
Donna Riley
Roberta Leitner
Cynthia Diamond
Micki Leader
Barbara Kohlhausen
Barbara Cane, Esq.
Dan Salmon
Rockland Road Runners
Patricia Smith Lefkowitz
Stan Schwarz

Outstanding Nonprofit Professional Past Recipients

Amanda Levin
David Kirschtel
Sr. Cecilia LaPietra
Carmine Marchionda
Amy Stern
Ouida Foster Toutebon
Paul Trader
Don Cairns
Christine Maraia
Jeffrey Kassover
Barbara Reece
Lanie Etkind
Mary Louise Russo
Dorothy Filoramo
Kevin P. Duignan
Carolyn Fish
Stacey Kirschenbaum

Outstanding Philanthropist Past Recipients

Joe Allen
Robert L. Fellows
Elisabeth and Richard Voigt
John and Ilse Lang
Paul Adler
Michael Mandel
Dr. Edward Fisher
Tess McCormack and Joseph F. Raso
Jeffrey Keahon
Simona and Jerry Chazen
John J. Manna, Jr.
Joseph R. Lagana
Peter Xavier Kelly
Leonard Merill Kurz
Mark Jacobs
Judith A. Pachter
S. Lisa Hayes

Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy Past Recipients

Kersten Savage

Hope Victoria Casscles & Thomas Wellington Casscles
Student Activists Ending Dating Abuse (SAEDA)
a program of the Center for Safety & Change

Grace Chesterman
Ashlye May, Aliyah and Angel Schwartz
Students at St. Thomas Aquinas College
Youth for Hospice

Melissa Zedeck