Fund Type: Project Funds

Fund Category: Arts/Community Growth, Community

The Truth 2 Power Fund brings people in our diverse region together at the intersection of community, education, and film. This fund seeks to strengthen our community relationships through constructive conversations related to film, leading to improvements in our lives and the bridges connecting us.

Here is the Mountain Lion Seed Film:

We have offered a variety of service works since the fall of 2022:

1. Honoring Indigenous Futures with Film (Fall 2022): Truth 2 Power offered 20+ restorative screening events in public libraries across the region in close partnership with the Ramapough Lenape Nation’s Sweetwater Cultural Center in Stony Point. In these meetings we screened our short documentaries honoring Indigenous Cultures in order to build unity in the county in the name of Respect for Life. The broad premise of much of our work is that when we share an understanding of the events which led us to our present circumstances, we can work together to build a future which works for everyone. In this way, we carry film as a tool of peace and bridge-building across different communities.
2. Remembering the Past for Unity Tomorrow (Spring 2023): This is another restorative screening event intended to build unity among Native American, African American, and European American people by entering an experience together of shared viewership and mindful conversations around our shared history.
Mother’s Day: This short documentary carries invaluable teachings of peace and respect for life from the sovereign Kanienkehaka territory between New York State and Canada. Mother’s day is not merely an annual holiday, but rather an ongoing, daily practice of thanks for the cycle of life.
Standing with Andy: A portrait of Andy Minniefield, Elder of Nyack whose peacemaking work brought us together in a time of crisis and fear. This film honors Andy’s Kanienkehaka heritage within his broader story of under-celebrated African American history in Nyack.
This Program premiered at Nyack Library in December and will go to Valley Cottage and Spring Valley this Spring.
3. Credit-Bearing Public Film Courses (Summer 2023): In partnership with our public libraries and College Unbound, an accredited university in Rhode Island, Truth 2 Power will offer film courses aimed at strengthening community connections, and offering Rockland County residents engaging educational opportunities which result in transferable college credit. Honoring African Cultural Continuity in Film will be offered in partnership with the Spring Valley’s Finkelstein Memorial Library, and Lightning and Rainbows: Grief and Healing in Film will occur in Nyack. Both courses will consist of free public screenings followed by guided discussions on zoom — also free and open to the public. Only enrolled students who complete all course requirements (Screenings, Discussions, Readings, Writings) will receive college credit.
4. Mountain Lion (Spring 2023-Fall 2024)
Our pilot fictional feature film project showcases some of Rockland County’s wonderful diversity and immense artistic talent, featuring community members from Nyack, Valley Cottage, Pomona, Tompkins Cove, with other key project relationships in Spring Valley and Haverstraw as well.
Once completed, we will use this film to establish peaceful and constructive conversations about what we can do to improve our manner of policing and community safety. Specifically we want to contribute to tangible community infrastructure relating to how we handle crises involving people suffering from mental illnesses, in ways which end with care.