Fund Type: Scholarship Funds

Fund Category: Arts, Education

The Toni and Ed Fallon Jazz Scholarship, created to honor the memory of Bill Evans, recognizes Rockland County high school seniors who have demonstrated a passion for Jazz music. Up to two $1,000.00 scholarships will be awarded annually to promising graduates to help with formal jazz studies.

Awarding of the Toni and Ed Fallon Jazz Scholarship is contingent on several criteria, including acceptance to and enrollment in a formal jazz program at a four-year college. Additionally, applicants are required to include with their application a videoed performance of a jazz piece, for review by our scholarship committee. Up to five selected finalists will be required to perform their piece as a live audition.

The Toni and Ed Fallon Scholarship award is an outright grant. Although recipients are under no obligation to make repayment, it is hoped that once graduated and engaged in a productive career they will help honor the spirit of this scholarship and help give future students a similar financial opportunity.