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Fund Category: Environment, Youth

When Jenna was 9, she moved from the Bronx to Sloatsburg. As one can imagine, she was shocked and surprised by the prevalence of trees and wildlife! Jenna was fascinated but knew nothing about these amazing things growing all around her. That was, until third grade when her teacher Mrs. Faye took her class on a hike to Harriman State Park. Nature engulfed them and a large lake greeted them at the end of the trail. All the while, Mrs. Faye educated them on the different trees and animals. From that moment on, Jenna was hooked. Now, as a local business owner, Jenna demonstrated her commitment to bringing the joy of nature to our community. For the past two years she has worked with the Nanuet schools (Grades K-4) to plant pea seeds on Earth Day. She donates 10-25 trees a year to the Nyack community and nationally, donated 50 trees per month through, a nonprofit that plants seedlings in areas in need of environmental restoration. The Mega-Mrs. Faye Project builds on these efforts by expanding the youth planting and education program to more local schools, donating additional trees locally, and preparing our community to be recognized as a Tree City (