Fund Type: Project Funds

Fund Category: Education, Educational

The Learning Collaborative (TLC) is the unique result of a passion for learning, intellectual stimulus, and community engagement. Working as a team some 17 years ago, a small group of retired Rockland County seniors reinvented the glorious intellectual atmosphere of their school days.

They were hungry to learn literature, physical and social sciences, the arts, newly imagined courses – and to enjoy, even relish, participation in class discussions.

The team located appropriate facilities, identified available teachers from many fields of work and study, and over time drew in hundreds of students who shared the same vision and desire.

Now, TLC has a forum for learning that recognizes the benefits of online learning tools along with onsite programs. Our goal is to ensure that we reach people who are often neglected, aging in our community, physically limited but intellectually and culturally alive. In doing so, we can recognize their dignity, ideas, and satisfy their thirst for knowledge and human engagement.

We seek grants that would enable and encourage maximum participation:

  • Making services widely known
  • Enhancing program content by investing in instructor excellence
  • Achieving beneficial quality of life experiences through lifelong learning and associated social interactions
  • Upgrading existing web design to facilitate use of our site by elderly and possibly handicapped persons
  • Facilitating onsite programs in addition to remote learning