Fund Type: Scholarship Funds

Fund Category: Education, Youth

The Nyack Young Writers Scholarship recognizes two Nyack High School seniors, judged to have written and submitted the most outstanding fiction or poetry. The scholarship is intended as a call to action for a student passionate about simply sharing their voice with the world. The scholarship awards $3,500 to the first-place recipient, and $2,000 to the second-place recipient, to assist in offsetting costs in pursuing a college degree at the school of their choice.

The sponsors of this scholarship and eventual readers of your work hope this scholarship will encourage exceptional creative expression as opposed to typical academic achievement. They ask that you submit something you are proud of, a story or a collection of poems that will elicit laughs and tears and shed light on human love or hate or fears or lusts or pain or faith or time or trust.

To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must be students entering their senior year at Nyack High School. The Nyack Young Writers Scholarship award is an outright grant to be used in offsetting expenses, including tuition, room and board, or books/other materials.