Fund Type: Field of Interest Funds

Fund Category: Animal Rights, Youth

Supporting organizations helping children and the animals they love.

For Nancy Allen, there was no more important question for someone she hadn’t seen in a while than, “How are your kids?”

She always wanted to know how everyone’s children were, how school was going, or any other tidbits of information that made raising children the most important and challenging thing parents do in their lives.

Similarly, her eyes never opened wider than when talking about animals. Her love never more visible than when she was cuddling one of her dogs and pain and anger never more apparent than at the thought of an animal abused or hurt.

“Nancy’s Place,” supports organizations helping children and the animals they love. This fund will aid, among others, organizations that keep children safe from violence; provide food for hungry children; help kids navigate difficult waters of growing up in our society and provide mental health support for those who need assistance.

The fund will also support animal shelters, care centers and programs that involve animals within the nonprofit community.”