Fund Type: Project Funds

Fund Category: Arts, Environment

“In 2018, the Village of Upper Nyack (“Village”) acquired a 12-acre property, which it has designated River Hook – The Hester Haring Cason Preserve (“River Hook” or the “Preserve”).

The Village intends for River Hook to be a serene sanctuary for Village residents, and a place for people to gather to enjoy low-impact recreational activities.

Unfortunately, the property had been neglected for many years prior to the Village’s acquisition. In 2020, a group of Village residents formed Friends of River Hook, Inc. (“FRH”) as a New York not-for-profit corporation, for the charitable purpose of beautifying and enhancing River Hook.

FRH’s mission is to help improve and maintain the natural landscape and the public buildings located within the Preserve, and to encourage an appreciation of the ecology, architecture and history of the Preserve.

FRH’s initial activities may include general clean-up and revitalization of the grounds and structures within the Preserve, restoration of a large meadow that has been overgrown with non-native invasive species, the development of a tree nursery and a community garden, and supporting collaborations with local educators, artists and other groups in order to promote community engagement with the Preserve.

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