Fund Type: Scholarship Funds

Fund Category: Education, Youth

The Auerbach/Goldberg Memorial Scholarship was established to foster a spirit of respect, tolerance and compassion in response to lessons learned from the Holocaust. It recognizes and supports Rockland County youth dedicated to pursuing higher education studies. Each year a scholarship will be awarded to one or more promising Rockland County high school seniors to assist with costs in attending a college of their choice. To be considered for an Auerbach/Goldberg Memorial Scholarship, applicants must be residents of Rockland County and attend a public, private or parochial school within Rockland County. Well-rounded high school seniors that demonstrate a significant commitment to volunteer service or to the fostering of tolerance in our community are particularly encouraged to apply.

The Auerbach/Goldberg Memorial fund will grant $1000.00 to each of one or more graduating seniors; final number of recipients is dependent upon the applicant pool. Awarded applicants will be required to furnish proof of enrollment in an accredited college or university. The Auerbach/Goldberg Memorial Scholarship award is an outright grant. Although recipients are under no obligation to make repayment, it is hoped that once graduated and engaged in a productive career they will help sustain the spirit of the fund to give future students a similar financial opportunity.

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