Fund Type: Scholarship Funds

Fund Category: Education, Youth

The Aleyris Martinez Memorial Scholarship was established to honor the memory of Aleyris Martinez who, in January 2009, was tragically killed when her snow tube hit a tree at Rotella Golf Course in Haverstraw. Aleyris was just 13 years old. Each year a $1,000.00 scholarship will be awarded to each of up to two promising female Hispanic North Rockland High School seniors, to assist with costs in attending the college of their choice. Well-rounded high school seniors who demonstrate a significant commitment of volunteer service to our community are encouraged to apply.

Awarding of the Aleyris Martinez Memorial Scholarship is contingent on several criteria including acceptance to and enrollment in a two- or four-year college, and a complete application. Additionally, applicants are required to submit an essay demonstrating their passion to create a better world. Scholarship recipients are expected to use their resources wisely, and uphold a high standard of conduct. The Aleyris Martinez Memorial Scholarship award is an outright grant. Although recipients are under no obligation to make repayment, it is hoped that once graduated and engaged in a productive career they will help honor the memory of Aleyris by giving future students a similar financial opportunity.