Fostering Philanthropy Fund

The mission of the Fostering Philanthropy Fund is to continue the important work that the Rockland Development Council (RDC) has accomplished in Rockland County since 1999. The fund will perpetuate RDC's signature Philanthropy Day event, typically held each year in early November. It provides an opportunity to honor philanthropic community members and organizations as well as to provide an impactful message on the power of philanthropy. The fund may also be used for other activities which will educate, support and inspire individuals in the field of fundraising, encourage community collaboration, and promote philanthropy.

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The Tomorrow’s Hopes Fund produces targeted, community-related documentaries that will be gifted to local charities or 501 (c)(3) organizations to increase the visibility of the work they do. The subject matter will be related to poverty, veterans affairs, health care, immediate needs or other areas that impact children and adults.

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We Love Nyack

The We Love Nyack fund was set up to support various events and initiatives that the amazing Village of Nyack has planned - especially in conjunction with festivities relating to community and village milestones.

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